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— Most Recent User-Reports —

Leaves msg stating they are ATT with freebies. by IP address 67.44.67.#August 19th
Tagged as [Not Safe] by IP address 50.25.50.#August 18th
Telling me I won 2.5 million Mega Bucks and a Mercedes. Want me to purchase a Walmart vanilla gift card of 300.00 and give to ups. by IP address 50.25.50.#August 18th
left msg wanting my bank act # by IP address 73.2.73.#August 18th
Tagged as [Not Safe] by IP address 204.134.204.#August 14th
scam ssn suspended call now arrest warrant by IP address 204.134.204.#August 14th
Car warranty scam by IP address 174.197.174.#August 12th
Sin scammer by IP address 99.238.99.#July 30th

— Top 3 Highest Activity Area Codes —

Fake number when you try to call back. by IP address 172.58.172.#February 18th
Scam about paying for computer services. by IP address 98.244.98.#January 30th
Rude "recruiter" from otb by IP address 98.223.98.#January 9th
This idiot call me from this number 213246-0048 & 424367-7139. 2x's from each number within 2min. Idiots keep calling using after numerous requests 2 stop contacting me they're using fake caller id apps...Never leave a VM..However, I texted both numbers back individually & the messaged were received!!! by IP address 172.58.172.#February 11th
threatening call from 14163969352 by IP address 72.140.72.#October 2nd
i keep on getting calls from 6139491000 telling me that i have done a criminal act in canada and they will send the police if i don't provide my personal details. I called 6139491000 & i got an answering machine for nicole with voicemail box is full. by IP address 207.96.207.#September 27th