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This number called me today, left a voicemail with an automated lady stating something about my SIN number... 101% positive that this was a scam call. don't call it back and absolutely don't give any personal info to these callers. by IP address 135.23.135.#October 21st
receiving constant missed calls from 1519 966-8500 requesting to call or text. by IP address 199.243.199.#September 9th
Placed the order then canceled claiming his brother used his credit card while IP THE SAME. by IP address 183.178.183.#July 4th
calling me on viber and not saying who they are by IP address 121.99.121.#July 1st
It is a solitsitaion service for sex the woman calls and asks if you are in need of cleaning of socks..then goes on to describe in vivid detail the services she provides and money she is chargeing $$$ by IP address 99.255.99.#May 21st

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