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Tagged as [Not Safe] by IP address 66.115.66.#January 27th
Fake by IP address 108.172.108.#August 12th
Scammer for house rentals by IP address 70.27.70.#June 5th
Telemarketing or something similar, don't answer, call many time in a day. by IP address 45.72.45.#May 27th
Scammer.. do not answer calls.. this is how they make money.. by IP address 174.236.174.#April 16th
Person ripped off my severly disabled brother for a lot of money.Thinking he was buying puppies.Took his money,and said they were at Victoria B.C.airport Canada,and needed more money,for vaccines,and then told him the puppies had died-but for just$900. more he can get $21,000 insurance on those puppies.Altogether this person got $2,290 from my brother.This makes me sick.Some person named Eugene Aday,from,Caddo,OK #1-580-200-3567 by IP address 172.218.172.#April 9th
You have received a payment <br>(Cx1RFbgW) <br> by IP address 24.68.24.#March 24th

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