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Most Actively Reported Numbers in the (415) Area Code:

unsolicited text claiming to be Netflix containing a shortened link- likely phishing scam by IP address 165.225.165.#February 26th
Like playing on the phog <br>ne by IP address 108.243.108.#August 14th
Social Security Scam! Beware! by IP address 216.52.216.#June 26th
Nuisance call by IP address 73.185.73.#April 15th
Failed to leave a message by IP address 172.58.172.#March 7th
Unknown number. Hang up. by IP address 68.0.68.#August 31st
Keeps calling, leaving automated voicemails in Chinese. I don't know what they're saying, but I get these calls almost everyday at the most inconvenient times. by IP address 50.0.50.#July 3rd
An Asian machine with a female voice called in. She blabbed along... only she did it in CHINESE! Smells like a robocall from hell. by IP address 91.117.91.#July 2nd

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