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Most Actively Reported Numbers in the (416) Area Code:

Sin scammer by IP address 99.238.99.#July 30th
SIN scammer by IP address 76.71.76.#March 3rd
Tagged as [Not Safe] by IP address 76.71.76.#March 3rd
Don’t know this number, so I didn’t answer. They left a message, but it was in mandarin or Cantonese. I don’t speak any of those languages. Scam number. by IP address 74.15.74.#December 23rd
tried to sell me life insurance, called me an asshole when I didn't want it..I tried to call it back to get a company name.. the woman claimed she has no idea what's goin on. by IP address 147.194.147.#November 14th
police undercover narc by IP address 72.143.72.#November 7th
Scam by IP address 24.105.24.#October 15th
Automated threat that I will be arrested if I don't speak to an "officer" by pressing # now by IP address 50.101.50.#September 25th

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