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Most calls from (613)-769 originate in Ottawa, which is located in county, in ON. If you still don't have enough data about the unknown caller, you can review the comments below, or use the search bar above to perform a premium lookup.
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Tagged as [ Annoying Jerk-Face ] by IP address 98.248.98.#April 1st
Tagged as [ Recorded Something ] by IP address 198.254.198.#January 26th
Tagged as [ Awesome Telemarketer ] by IP address 70.50.70.#September 21st
getting 1-2 text messages a week - looks like a hacking attempt - trying to get me to click on a link. by IP address 47.55.47.#September 13th
This is a scam. the guy tells you that he has an apartment for rent for $550 a month but it is obviously a scam so be careful by IP address 216.48.216.#September 12th
I keep getting unsolicited calls even though I am on a NO CALL LIST. by IP address 173.32.173.#September 5th
Calls telling they work for Microsoft and want me to download and install something from a non-Microsoft website. Clearly a scam. MS doesn't do calls like this. by IP address 173.206.173.#August 29th
Dear General Manager:<br><br>Somebody called from 613-822-4772( your employee) on Sunday, July 7th @20:15. I tried to sleep because of early morning shift for the next day.My phone was ringing but I couldn't pick it up because I wanted to charge. I called this number back this morning and found it was from Rideau Carleton Entertainment Centre. I am unhappy with this kind of call because I never ever gave any permission to call my cell. If you want to do your business, please respect consumer's privacy. Therefore, please train your employee not to call any number without permission and making any telemarketing calls after 8 pm is illegal in Canada. Please do not call my cell never again. Thanks for consideration! by IP address 209.217.209.#July 8th
This number came up and tried to send a picture/video message. I have a friend who lives in that area and thought it was him (didn't have his cell # at the time) The number belongs to (according to google) Telnet Communications. If I get anything added to my cell phone bill I WILL be accessing a lawyer to sue them for harrassment!!! by IP address 99.240.99.#June 24th
says he is justin bieber by IP address 24.93.24.#May 31st
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