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Went to VM, a pre recorded (robocall) msg. saying "to be placed on the "do not call" list, press 2. It is a telemarketer / robocall. by IP address 69.248.69.#March 26th
No answer must be sales call by IP address 72.76.72.#August 1st
They continue to call me & my daughters cell phone claiming to be our "moving" company. Extremely disturbing & I am afraid for my teenage daughter, I am afraid for her "SAFETY" ! Also I don't need them harassing me I have cancer (I do not need the "STRESS") Please make them stop, why do these people feel the need to "bother", hard working, honest people? What is this world come to ? <br>Thank you, God bless by IP address 174.200.174.#July 13th
Stop Fn calling this fn number thank you so fn much by IP address 100.1.100.#March 19th

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